Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Open to interpretations

Her candor resembled an archaic smile
- open to interpretations.
Well being,
or, ignorance
or perhaps, plain technical ease?

The carvings were ancient
as the wrinkled visage
- like the silent ripples
of a long lost lochan
forgotten in the folds of time.

The stirrings were noiseless
- almost tranquil,
or perhaps, eerie?
All reticence lost, a steady gaze
held beneath the noiseless stars a secret.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Alluring, isn't it?
Devouring poets
- the quintessential conundrum!
Accentuating the enigma
of lone fortresses,
and forgotten poetesses,
and characters of protagonists;
My love life.
Symmetrical, bewitching.
Familiar, but menacing.
Grandma in her wheelchair
awaiting a visit, longtime.
The girl who begs:
enthralls or appalls?
a forgotten call.
All connected in a thread.
A chord of pain.
Inspiring writers for centuries
and drowning the sun.
Gorecki's third had begun.
Just pain.